Combinatorics Reading Group Spring 2016

Organizer: Sivaramakrishnan Natarajan Ramamoorthy
Email: sivanr [at] cs [dot] washington [dot] edu

Meetings: Thursdays 10:30am-12pm, CSE 306

This Reading group is a students-only group (any interested student may attend, including those outside CSE). Send the orgainizer an email for questions.
Topic Speaker Date Reference
Szemeredi's Regularity Lemma Siva March 31 Here
Triangle Removal Lemma Harish April 7 Here
Induced Matching Lemma and (6,3) theorem Siva April 14 Here
Fourier Analysis over Finite Abelian groups Cyrus April 21
Roth's theorem over F_3^n Makrand April 28 See Chapter 6 here and also see here
Dependent Random Choice Siva May 5 Lemma 2.1, Theorems 3.1, 3.5 here
Balog-Szemeridi-Gower's theorem Makrand May 12 Section 5.1 here